Alisha Sofia has had a lifelong fascination with the female form and identity. Her paintings often portray women in nature, accompanied by animals or in the midst of consuming food. Her nude subjects are meant to invoke power and provide the viewer with strength and self assuredness. The combination of these elements in her pieces reveal the simplicity that life can have, and gives viewers pause to find moments of tranquility within themselves.

Alisha is primarily inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern art -- regions that were some of the first to incorporate the use of ink and watercolor, and where a strong emphasis was placed on the representation of nature in new mediums. Dutch and Flemish still life have also had a tremendous impact on her work. The depictions of food as poetry reflect Alisha’s deep love for nourishment, and the foods she chooses to paint progress beyond sustenance and into the spiritual.  

She lives and works in Los Angeles.